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Principal’s Update – 26 August 2021 and Vaccination Information


The following is the latest information that we have and there are continual updates from various authorities around a number of pressing matters. Presently, the context is very similar to last year given the lockdown and growing COVID numbers. The main difference is the gravity of the threat with the Delta strain and the evidence of the threat so close to home in the nearby Goulburn Valley.

As was the case last year, there are so many key events are not going to take place, these activities are what makes CMC unique and builds community and culture. Some of our Year 7 and 8 students have had none of those whole community experiences, such as Mercy Day at the end of Term 3. A virtual experience cannot replace the real event, the sentiment and personal involvement is lost through a screen.

We will do our best to maintain whatever events and celebrations we can, for as long as we are able.  Our thoughts are especially extended to the Year 12s, who have had their final years riddled with interruptions and lockdowns.


The following information has been received today.

All information on vaccinations for Victoria is available at:

The information is continuously updated and includes information on:

CMC and Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited (CES Ltd) arecommitted to supporting the Victorian Government to meet its aim for all final year students to be vaccinated by the time they sit their end-of-year exams. Final year students are therefore urged to make an appointment as soon as possible to receive a vaccine by following the instructions under the heading ‘How to book an appointment’ below. The state vaccination centres have recently had their capacity increased to support Victoria’s drive to administer 1 million doses of the vaccine by 19 September 2021.

Final-year students are asked to consider getting their first vaccine before the GAT on 9 September. In addition, it’s recommended not to get the vaccine on the day of an exam, or the day before an exam, to avoid feeling common but mild side effects such as tiredness, headache, muscle pain, fever and chills and/or joint pain during the exam.

CES Ltd also supports the Victorian Government’s goal to provide at least one dose for children aged 12 and older by the end of the school year, subject to the available supply of vaccines and advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI).


All students aged 16 and older can now book a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at state vaccination centres and from 30 August or through their local General Practitioner or Pharmacist.

Students can book their own appointment and consent to vaccination themselves if the health professional assesses them to be a mature minor.

Again, it is important that students aged 16 and above get vaccinated (following appropriate medical advice) and Year 12 students should be a particular priority.

Eligible students and their parents or guardians should speak to their doctor or pharmacist if they have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and their health.


Students can book their own appointment and consent to vaccination themselves if the health professional assesses them to be a mature minor.


Eligible Victorians can access vaccination through participating general practices, pharmacies and state vaccination hubs. Victorians aged 16-59 are all now eligible to receive Pfizer vaccine, and 60+ are eligible to receive AstraZeneca vaccine.

It is important that all staff are vaccinated, both for their own protection and for the protection of the community, colleagues and students.


School staff and students can book or change a vaccination appointment at a state vaccination centre through the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine online booking system.

From 30 August, people aged 16-39 can get a COVID-19 vaccine at a doctor’s clinic, pharmacy or community health service. You can find a participating doctor, pharmacy or community health service through the Australian Government Eligibility Checker. You can book your appointment online or by calling the vaccine provider nearest to you.

To find a vaccination centre and opening times, visit

For information on what to bring to a vaccine appointment staff and students visit Checklist: before your COVID-19 vaccination.


For more information about eligibility, visit or use the Australian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker.

For further assistance, contact:

  • the Department of Health Coronavirus hotline: 1800 675 398
  • the National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline: 1800 020 080

General Achievement Test (GAT)

At this point, the GAT is still scheduled on Thursday 9 September and we all realise, as stated yesterday by James Merlino MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, Victoria, it is only practicable on site.  The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) exam schedule has not be adjusted.

College Events

As noted, in regard to the various celebrations and events associated with our Year 12 Graduands, we are still hopeful that we can maintain the current calendared events, but we all appreciate the challenges if the lockdown continues and/or students are not vaccinated.  At some point in the coming weeks a decision will have to be made or will be made for us. Further details will be circulated before the end of term.

Subject Selection

Thank you to all involved in the completion of the significant 2022 Subject Selection process. The majority are now complete and those who have not done so have been contacted. We are delighted to note the level of retention across the year levels.


Presently we have around 320 Year 7 students commencing in 2022. We are delighted to have that level of support across the community and wish that transition for these students was a real experience rather than a virtual scenario again.

Positions of Leadership 2022-2024

At the moment, the College is receiving many applications for the Positions of Leadership 2022-2024 that are being advertised because the current roles are near the end of their tenure. The new structure was approved at a recent Advisory Council and a rigorous discernment process has taken place to develop the structure. The structure and various position descriptions can be found on the College website. There has been a lot interest in the roles and there are many internal and external applicants. The new structure is reflective of the current College Future Direction that was established last year.

Campuses are closed – permits required

A reminder that the College is closed. A small number of children who are vulnerable and the children of essential workers are accessing supervision at the College. Please understand that the College is closed, except for those students. Those approved students are completing the remote learning program in the Sister Aloysius Martyn Arts Centre at Coolock. To ensure we meet the new State Government guidelines the criteria for student to attend on-site learning is far more stringent. Evidence of Authorised Worker Permits are part of this process. Likewise, staff who are onsite require an Authorised Worker Permit.

Sporting Precinct construction begins

Whilst we are in lockdown Nicholson Construction has started works on the Sporting Precinct at Junortoun and established their worksite earlier this week. The formal announcement and launch of the development will on Friday 10 September with various dignitaries in attendance. Who knows, it might be a virtual launch. Last Friday, various partners met with Jacinta Allen MP to discuss the development and its importance to the community.


There is ample evidence to demonstrate that everyone is getting lethargic and tired of these lockdowns, especially when we don’t have any sense of an end date. The level of attendance is lower when compared to past periods of remote learning. Please keep being vigilant at home and we will contact you about absences. The ritual of attendance and engagement is really important, please keep prompting and supporting from the home front and remember that we are a partnership. If you have any concerns contact the Student Advocates or the Year Level Leaders, or call the College and we can assist.

Stay safe, and support for our fellow schools in Shepparton

This morning I attended a virtual meeting with leaders across the Sandhurst Diocese including the Shepparton Catholic schools’ principals. They have asked that if anyone can make a donation to Shepparton Foodshare, their communities would be incredibly grateful.

If you are not aware of the situation in Shepparton, many families, approximately 20,000 people across Greater Shepparton, are self-quarantining and are not allowed to leave their homes, with eight or more days still to go in total isolation. I worked at Notre Dame College in Shepparton, and the area has a very diverse population with enormous need. Foodshare are working with the principals at St Mel’s, Notre Dame and St Brendan’s to support families who have no food. Food orders at the supermarkets have a 7-day wait. It is hard to fathom this happening.

If you wish to support the Shepparton community, the local schools have suggested a donation to Shepparton Foodshare would see funds going to very good use immediately. Select DONATE from the top menu to make your donation – it takes no time at all . Foodshare has a great reputation and many will be familiar with the work of Bendigo Foodshare.

There are growing numbers of cases in Shepparton and young children who are very sick.

In the meantime, please get vaccinated, follow the restrictions, and keep those communities who are impacted in your prayers and thoughts.

Kind Regards

Brian Turner, Principal