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Lachlan James ‘Lachie’ Horan

17 May 2001 – 22 September 2019

Mercy Education and Catherine McAuley College extends its sympathies and prayers to the Horan family and everyone who was associated with Lachlan. Our prayers are dedicated to their comfort and for Oscar as he recovers and joins our community in 2020.

We pray for the soul of Lachlan Horan, that he may rest in peace and be united with his God in eternal life.

We all have fond memories of our conversations and the good-natured banter that Lachlan “Ticca” loved so much. Since Lachlan’s death a tribute has been created in the Chapel at St Mary’s, by students and various members across the community, to acknowledge and pray for Lachlan.

We thank the family for including the Catherine McAuley College students in the celebration of Lachlan’s life, held on Friday 11 October 2019.

The following are excerpts from the reflections made by Year 12 students Will Wallace, Will Tobin, William Boykett, Keeley Jones, Emmie Banfield, Huon Webb, and Jacob O’Brien, which were presented at Lachlan Horan’s funeral last Friday. Their reflections encapsulate Lachlan’s magnetic character and unique personality. Our students should be so proud of themselves. Their carriage and courage in presenting to such a huge attendance and doing it with such honesty and aplomb is a credit to them and their families.


To Lachie,

He was a great kid, and growing into an even better man. Dearly loved by every soul he touched. I had known you for quite a while, but had only grown closer and closer as time went on. I am still coming to terms with what has happened.


The cheekiness of your smile, and how you had an impact on most people you met, due to your impulsive, but affectionate personality will be something I will cherish forever. You had room in your heart for everyone, no matter where they came from or what they had done, room for forgiveness and room for fresh starts. The amount of friends you made throughout your time here was incredible, only because of the type of person you were. I am so proud to call you a best mate, and you always will be, forever with us.


Ticca’s infectious energy enabled him to be by far one of the friendliest, funniest and most outgoing people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Constantly making new friends and making us all feel special and included.  His wide, welcoming smile and amazing personality made him lovable to anyone he came into contact with.


Sometimes it is the smallest things that we will miss the most

I’m going to miss his voice

I’m going the miss his infectious laugh

I’m going to miss his playful lip which he did regularly

I’m going to miss how he always used to cough, and it would sound like he was dying

I’m going to miss us talking about girls for hours on in, even though his expert tips never worked

But most of all, I’m going to miss one of my best friends.


The things we did together, and the many memories we shared, good outweighing the bad, only wishing we could continue to do so much more that we were destined for, is what I am going to miss most about you. I am so proud to call you a best mate, and you always will be, forever with us.


I know all of this attention would be making your head bigger than it already was, but the amount of love towards you right now should make you and your family proud, and it makes me so proud to call you one of my best mates, being around you was a pleasure.


I miss you,

My mind knows that you are in a better place,

Where there is no pain,

Where you are at peace.

I understand that, I just wish I could explain that to my heart.

There is an empty space in it, that nothing will ever fill.

(Click here to view the Service Booklet)

In time, a fitting commemoration of Lachlan’s legacy will be established in agreement with the family… and it will not be a bronze Dim Sim…

A special thanks to the students, parents and staff who have all been so supportive since the tragedy. We need to remain vigilant and continue to support one another. Please see below for further support and recommendations.

Welcome To Our New Bishop

On Wednesday members of our College attended the installation of our new Bishop. Bishop Shane Mackinlay is the eighth Bishop of Sandhurst and we hope to see and welcome him before the end of the term in our College community. The installation is a significant event for the Church and for our Diocese. The ceremony was a great example of Church and the institution’s incredible history and ritual. Our new Bishop was very positive in his first presentation and has a real understanding and grasp of regional settings. He has been in the Ballarat Diocese and a Parish Priest for many years. We won’t hold his Ballarat heritage against him!

Mr Brian Turner, Principal