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Principal’s Letter 31 July re: COVID-19 to the CMC Community


Thank you for your support through this week. As you are aware, on Wednesday we had a series of cases that resulted in the closure of both campuses and two of our local Catholic Primary schools. Students and families have been impacted from within Bendigo and other locations.

Please watch the video update and continue reading the letter below.

For the next week both campuses are undergoing what is termed a “deep clean”. This work is time consuming and rigorous (the process is attached for your information). We do not want anyone accessing either site and placing themselves or others at risk.

Please remember that on Monday, 3 August, we will return to the same process of our previous lockdown. Students will be learning from home. At some point next week, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) are expected to commence their tracing and contacting students and families at risk.

Please understand that the College, with the support of Catholic Education Office Sandhurst and Mercy Limited, made the decision to lockdown and move to the remote learning option. As most people are aware there are a number of Catholic schools across Victoria that are currently closed. The DHHS is inundated at present and we have started to assist with our own tracing. Whilst we wait for the DHHS to commence their work and further testing the closure of the College has mitigated much of the risk, as long as everyone follows the DHHS advice and does not leave their home unless it is in accord with the four steps. Communicable Diseases recommends all members of the CMC community wear a mask if any of us leave our household. Be prepared for business to reject your appointments or entrance onto their locations. It is already happening.

If you are identified as a close contact to be tested, then you will receive a DHHS letter (samples attached). The key day is day 11 when DHHS will want to test anyone who they believe might be at risk after the tracing. In the meantime, if we are following the instructions the outbreak should be contained.

The following is a list of buses, classes and classrooms that could be impacted.

Bus Services

Bus Service
Bus 26 Christians Bus
Bus 2 Christians Bus
Bus Castlemaine Bus – Organs


Class Code Class Description Classroom
08ADE251  Yr 8 Art Design MG02
 08ENG2A3  Yr 8 English MYG10 & ST10
08FRE232  Yr 8 French E06
 08MAT231  Yr 8 Mathematics E01
08VPE2A3  Yr 8 Physical Education Gym
08VSC2A3  Yr 8 Science ST02
08VER2A3  Yr 8 Veritas E01


Please understand that there are a number of families who have been tested and are awaiting results. There are some families since Wednesday that have had a member who has tested positive and have students across both locations. The College has taken the measure to clean the whole area of  both sites as a precautionary, with the projection for various agencies that there will be more cases based on the information they have.

As we move into lockdown and remote learning can I ask that families make or purchase masks for their children as this will be mandatory for any movement around the community and at school when we return on campus.

Staff have been busily preparing for this setting. We understand that some students will not have their laptop, please use other devices at home to check your email or contact your mentor.

Please understand that this is a very stressful time and people are very fragile and vulnerable. The effects of COVID-19 are making people very sick. To this point there is no trace of where these infections occurred. Clearly the virus is in our community and we have to be strong and support one another by following the rules and mitigating the spread. If you are sick please get tested otherwise stay at home, take care and think of those families that are impacted. They are in our thoughts and prayers. COVID-19 does not discriminate. To our Care workers across the community thank you and God Bless you for your courage and service. If we can follow the guidelines hopefully that will decrease the risks you face,

Lastly, if you or a family member have tested positive please contact the College immediately at at anytime.

Yours sincerely

Mr Brian Turner, Principal

 The full letter and following attachments can be downloaded below.

  • FAQs
  • Infectious Cleaning Guidelines (CECV)
  • SAMPLE LETTER – Information for Families (DHHS)
  • SAMPLE LETTER – Close Contact (DHHS)