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PE gets the ball rolling


Students at St Mary’s completed a fabulous start to their 2019 Physical Education classes during Headstart. Students in Year 10 PE1 commenced their exploration of the Energy Systems and how the body is able to produce movement.

During this time, we investigated the role of ATP (the transference of energy) in the body and participated in Thunder Hockey, Netball, Indoor Soccer and Bubble Soccer practical activities. Unit 1 PE classes explored the concepts of physical activity, sport and exercise and participated in Deep Water Running, Water Polo and Basketball practicals.

Unit 3 PE classes commenced studying the principles of Skill Acquisition, completing practical activities associated with European Handball and Indoor Cricket. I would like to congratulate all students on a positive start to their 2019 Physical Education studies and wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

Mr Gerard Waterman, Head of Health and Physical Education