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Swimming and Diving

Congratulations to all members of our College Swim team who competed at the Sandhurst Swimming Carnival at the Faith Leech Aquatic Centre on Friday 28 February.

It was a great day for all, with some outstanding achievements recorded. Below is a list of all those students and relay teams that finished in the top 3 of their event(s).


Layla Day

  • 17yr Girls 50 Butterfly (New Association Record)
  • 16-20yr Girls 100m Freestyle
  • 17yr Girls 50m Freestyle
  • OPEN Girls 100m Backstroke
  • 17yr Girls 50m Backstroke (New Association Record)
Layla Day – 17yr Girls Age Group Champion

Varlee Nihill

  • 16-20yr Girls 200m Freestyle
  • Open Girls 100m Breastroke
  • 17yr Girls 50m Breastroke

Telani Bibby

  • 14yr Girls 50m Freestyle

Dominic Licastro

  • 13-15yr Boys 200m Freestyle

Summer Zealley

  • 12-14yr Girls Diving

Kiara Field

  • 16yr Girls Diving

17-20yr Girls 4 x 50m Medley Relay (New Association Record)

17yr Girls 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay (New Association Record)

13yr Boys 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay


Maggie Burke

  • 13-15yr Girls 200m Freestyle

Charles Kealy

  • 13yr Boys 50m Breastroke

Arkie Donnelly

  • 16yr Girls 50m Breastroke
  • 16yr Girls 50m Backstroke

Domenic Licastro

  • 15yr Boys 50m Butterfly

Jaidi Jackson-Leahy

  • 13yr Boys 50m Freestyle

Jessica Miller

  • 12-14yr Girls Diving

15yr Boys 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay


Maggie Burke

  • 15yr Girls 50m Breastroke

Arkie Donnelly

  • 16yr Girls 50m Butterfly
  • 16yr Girls 50m Freestyle

Thomas Davie

  • 13yr Boys 50m Backstroke

Flynn Boyd

  • 15yr Boys 50m Backstroke

15-16yr Boys 4 x 50 Medley Relay

14yr Boys 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay

15yr Boys 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay

Special congratulations to Layla Day who finished the day as the 17yr Girls Age Group Champion and also broke 2 individual association records.

We also congratulate our Relay Team of Layla Day, Varlee Nihill, Arkie Donnelly and Maggie Burke who broke the 17-20yr Girls 4 x 20 Medley Relay Record as well as the 17yr Girls 4 x 50m Freestyle Record on the day.

In the Diving section we also had some outstanding performances with Summer Zealley and Kiara Field both winning their sections and Jessica Millar finishing 2nd. A highlight was that all 3 of our diving representatives have directly qualified for the State Finals to be held at MSAC on Friday 24th April.

Our overall results saw us finish third in both the Boys and Girls Divisions and third overall. A fantastic achievement by the whole team.

Good luck to those students who won their events and who have now qualified for the Loddon Mallee Regional day in Swan Hill on Thursday 19th March.

TEAM MEMBERS: Nicholas Alexander, Andrew Beens, Telani Bibby, Amelia Boase, Flynn Boyd, Maddison Bray, Maggie Burke, Oscar Cail, Hayley Couch, Thomas Davie, Layla Day, Arkie Donnelly, Campbell Evans, Joshua Evans, Caitlin Evans, Marley Gallagher, Kalan Hand, Jaidi Jackson-Leahy, Charles Kealy, Domenic Licastro, Phoebe Maher, Ciarah McDermott, Varlee Nihill, Daniel Noden, Matthew Noden, Mia O’Keefe, O’Malley Parker, Ethan Sharp, Taije Shelton, Rossi Stevens, Wil Trewick, Jaida Tuohey, Kiara Field, Jessica Millar, Summer Zealley