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Outdoor Ed Conquers Mt Buffalo


On 1 to 3 April the Unit 1 Outdoor Education classes had their first trip of the year. To explore the motivations behind seeking outdoor adventures; the students ventured along the aptly name Big Walk up to the top of Mt Buffalo. Throughout the 12km walk the spectacular mountain views of the Alpine National Park and surrounding areas were taken in. To end a perfect days’ walk, the students went to the highest point on Mt Buffalo; The Horn. From 1,723m above sea level the view of the sunset was breathtaking, and Mt Kosciusko could even be seen in the distance.

After a good night’s sleep at the Lake Catani campground the students set off early in the morning to explore the Chalwell Galleries. The Galleries is a granite outcrop that the students walked through while being able to see the magnificent views of the Buckland Valley and the surrounding mountains.

Natalie Duane,
Outdoor Ed Trainee