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Outdoor Ed Canoes Lake Eildon


For their last trip of the year, the Unit 2 Outdoor Environmental Studies classes took part in a 3-day canoe and white-water rafting experience at Lake Eildon. Beginning on the Delatite Arm of the lake allowed the students to practise their canoe strokes and learn about the impacts of creating a dam such as Lake Eildon. Camping lakeside enabled the students to discuss the impacts recreation activities can have on an environment. Paddling close to fifteen kilometres on open water provided the students with many challenges from teamwork and communication, to headwind. Canoeing on the beautiful lake and walking up to a lookout provided the students with many opportunities to appreciate Lake Eildon and the surrounding high country.

Spending their last day white-water rafting on the Big River allowed the students to fully test their stroke techniques. The sporadic Grade 2 rapids named, Slalom, Shoulder and Elbow provided the students with adrenaline-filled challenges; while exposed rocks challenged students’ communication and teamwork when they got stuck. It was great to see everyone participating and being fully involved in activities.

Miss Natalie Duane, Outdoor Education Trainee