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Orchestra Victoria ‘On the mOVe’ 2022


Catherine McAuley College (CMC) was well represented last night at the Ulumbarra Theatre for the finale concert performance presented by ‘On the mOVe’. This initiative by Orchestra Victoria brings opportunities for regional student musicians to experience orchestral performance.

Numerous schools across the region, from as far south as Gisborne and as far north as Kerang were represented amongst the participating students. They spent three days in a combination of instrument-based tutor sessions and rehearsals, with professional musicians from Orchestra Victoria mentoring them along the way.

Isabella Rossi of Year 12 had the principal flute and piccolo chair, featuring in a number of pivotal solos throughout the evening. She also took a leadership role, presenting at the lectern and introducing the work Norwegian Dances by Grieg.

Olivia Ledlie of Year 8 was selected for a 2nd violin chair and did an outstanding job on her crucial harmonic lines. This is a great achievement, given that many in the orchestra were Year 9 and above.

The program consisted of a range of well-known symphonic works by Bach, Anderson, Mozart and Rimsky-Korsakov, as well as incredible works by contemporary composers and arrangers, a highlight being Saga by Icelandic composer Hylkila.

Congratulations to both Bella and Liv on their selection for this concert performance and their exemplary representation of the College.

Mrs Deborah Ross