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Open House 2022


Families discovering possibilities at CMC

A glorious autumn day set the scene for a return to on-site visits at our Open House on Wednesday 23 March.

We were delighted to welcome families and future students to visit the Coolock Campus for our Open House event. The return to a more traditional format after two years was a welcome opportunity to showcase developments in learning and teaching approaches, as well as significant improvements to the grounds and amenities.

The modified Open House event was carefully planned to allow families to discover what life is like at CMC while still ensuring that safety was paramount. Most activities and displays took place outdoors and people were able to able to speak with staff while enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.

Students provided entertainment on the open-air stage in the form of solo performances and ensembles. The music supplied a perfect backdrop as visitors enjoyed a barbeque dinner.

Tours of the campus were offered with both staff and students taking the lead. The students jumped at the opportunity to show potential families the highlights of the Year 7 to 9 campus. This has been the first open occasion in several years for the students to demonstrate their leadership and pride in the College. Brian Turner, Principap, commented that “the students were terrific ambassadors for our College. We’re so proud of the way they welcomed visitors and shared their personal views with potential students. It was a great opportunity for older and younger students to work together, something we have all missed.”

The West Wing building development play space was officially opened to coincide with Open House and offers a dynamic play area designed to encourage participation and activity among students. The area features multi-purpose courts as well as landscaping for passive recreation.

Tim Edwards, Deputy Principal – Coolock, was “really pleased with the attendance numbers and it was wonderful to see our staff showcasing the great things that take place at our College. We have already received a lot of positive feedback.”

The Open House kicked off the Year 7 2023 Enrolment campaign for CMC and we are now accepting enrolments until Tuesday 10 May. Tours of the Coolock Campus and visits by Grade 6 students for a ‘Discover CMC’ Day will also be offered over coming weeks and months.