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Open classrooms a buzz for Martyn Program


Many parents visited for the Open Classroom sessions and there was a buzz in the rooms as students explained what they have learnt in the Martyn program.

In the second-last week of term, the Martyn Program held an ‘Open Classroom’ for parents to come and visit the Years 7, 8 and 9 classes and see the great work the students have completed during Semester 1.

With our integrated approach to learning and lots of hands-on activities the students had a lot to show and discuss with their parents. They were very excited to have this opportunity to showcase their work and the ownership of their work and learning was obvious.

The students were very proud of the work they had completed and enjoyed having this opportunity to further develop their presentation skills. This was a good experience for them and has helped prepare them for their bigger ‘Expo’ towards the end of the year, when they will present their Personal Projects.

Well done to all students and staff on their great work and such a positive Semester 1 in the Martyn Program.

Mrs Leah Cordedda, Martyn Program Coordinator