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New Captains look to 2019

Charlotte Turner and Will Tobin

Charlotte Turner: We would like to begin by thanking the 2018 student leadership team for all their hard work this year. As a community, we recognise and appreciate your leadership. We would like to wish the Class of 2018 the very best of luck in their exams and all their future endeavours. May you all remember your time at Catherine McAuley College and continue to act in the spirit of Catherine. We would also like to recognise the hard work of our staff, especially those in leadership. Thank you all for your hard work this year.

Will and I are also excited to introduce the additions to our leadership team. In 2019 there are four new leadership positions. Eva Jan, the SRC Captain is to act as the secretary of the 2019 student representative council, as well as being an advocate within the group. Blaze Houlden, our Creative Arts Captain, will work to better represent the arts within our school community. Katie Smith, our Environmental Sustainability Captain, will lead a focus on how our College can be better custodians of our environment and sustaining it. Siahna Newland will be our Applied Learning Captain, representing the voices of our VET and VCAL cohort.

Will Tobin: The new structure that next year brings, excites both Charlotte and I and is sure to be an exciting change to the 2019 year that will benefit us all individually and as an overall college. This change, along with others, are sure to bring a new perspective to our school that will continue to improve our school community.

Charlotte and I, along with the other Year 12 leaders and the entire Student Representative Council, are excited for the year that lies ahead. We already have many new ideas that have been brought up, with a strong focus on more student feedback and communication about the changes being made in our college.

2019 is set to be a truly captivating year and our leadership team is very excited. We look forward to leading you, the students next year.