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Navigating Year 7: College Life Passports


Last week saw our Year 7s attend their first Year Level Assembly for the term. The theme was celebrating student success from Term 1 and to introduce what they could be involved in throughout Term 2. We had twelve students complete all twenty activities on the Term 1 passport. Congratulations to the students below who won themselves a canteen voucher. We have now launched our Term 2 College Life Passport and encourage all students in Year 7 to immerse themselves in the wide range of activities on offer.

Term 1 College Life Passport Winners: Cade McClellan 7A3, Lukas Toman 7A3, Sienna Rich-Jones 7A3, Jemma Carter 7B1, Rex Bell 7B1, Ruby Bath 7B1, Macey Rye 7D2, Chloe McCullough 7D3. Lexie Fennell 7D4, Gus Brook 7D4, Caleb Pellegrino 7D4, Latika Lakey 7D4

We also acknowledged students who achieved outstanding results in their reading. Students in Year 7 use the Renaissance Reading Program to assess their reading comprehension and decoding skills. The below students were acknowledged for their outstanding growth during Term 1.

12-months’ growth: Imogen Jones-Jack 7A1, Chelsea Polson 7A1, Bethany Cole 7A2, Lani O’Brian 7A3 & Rani Sheldon 7A3, Naite Paul 7A3, Madeline De Haan 7C3, Mischa Fitzgerald 7C3, Emily Johnson 7C3, Jakobi Kramer 7C3, Gus Brook 7D4, Lexie Fennell 7D4 & Zavyer Marwood 7D4

2-years’ growth: Tully Place 7A1, Maya Dorrington 7A1 & Griffen O’Shea 7A1, Nora Wah 7A3 & Rebecca Holdaway 7C3

3-years’ growth: Tate Van Veen 7A1, Lauchlan Cambell-Pollard 7A2 & Tommy Wurf 7D4

During Week 2, the Year 7 students welcomed Grade 6 students into the College for our ‘Discover CMC’ sessions. We had a number of our Year 7 students who took the time to share their transition experience and talk about daily life at Catherine McAuley College. The students guided the Grade 6 students on tours and participated in various activities. They were outstanding ambassadors for our College and community.

NAPLAN tests were conducted during Week 3. All of the Year 7 students approached these tests with maturity and demonstrated positive learning behaviours. Well done to all of the students for their efforts. Catch up tests will be available for the students who missed tests during Week 4.

Cara Pawsey & Lachlan Murdoch, Year 7 Year Level Leaders

Gina Giblin, Year 7 Interdisciplinary Learning Leader