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Million-Word Club members

Congratulations to our Term 1 Star Readers who were presented with book vouchers at our first Coolock Assembly in Term 2.

Our word count is growing, our Million-Word Club is growing, our comprehension levels are growing, which means our critical thinking skills are growing!

Congratulations to our Million-Word Club members so far in 2018:

  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • Caitlin Buchanan
  • Samuel Breene
  • Tamara Duane
  • Kai Lim
  • Deanna Duane
  • Lucas Rojewski
  • Lucy Hogan
  • Elizabeth Harper
  • Lucy Daley
  • Sarah Duane
  • Hunter Webster
  • Tahlee O’Keefe
  • Piper Dunlop

Mrs Karen McDougall, Literacy Facilitator