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Message from the Principal


Over the weekend, a video has emerged from a private event involving students from Catherine McAuley College and other Bendigo schools.

Year 12s assembled on two occasions during Tuesday 25 February. This provided an opportunity to address the matters of the weekend and for ongoing learning opportunities that the incident has presented to the community. The purpose of the meetings was to outline the following:

  1. The wellbeing of all impacted and the supports that are available.
  2. That the behaviour posted is not acceptable at Catherine McAuley College and does not represent the values and culture of the College. That the College will work to support all involved to understand what is acceptable conduct, and empower people to challenge these actions in the future.
  3. That the student identified is still a member of our College and will not be suspended or expelled.
  4. To detail the media response and the statements from the College and Student Leaders.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal