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Maths Talent Quest

During Semester 1, Mathematics students at Coolock completed an investigative project for Maths Talent Quest which is run by The Mathematical Association of Victoria.

Students creatively explored an interest of their own, with a focus on the maths that is involved.

A wide variety of interests were represented. Some of these include designing buildings for various purposes, computer games, well-planned holidays to exciting destinations and business ventures. There was lots of cooking, playing and testing involved.

Mr Tim Edwards and Mrs Karen Lichnovsky judged the best entries from each class and several entries from each year level were chosen as Catherine McAuley College’s official entries for the Math Talent Quest competition.

All students’ efforts have also contributed points towards the House Cup, depending on the level of work submitted.

Congratulations to the students listed below, who are Maths Talent Quest finalists in the next stage of competition.

Ms Sue Hadlow, Mathematics Facilitator – Coolock


Audrey  Gargiulo

Bella Murphy

Penelope Curwen-Begg

Mackenzie Webster

Trista Hawthorne

Emilia Belleggia


Victoria Scicluna

Tahlia France

Charlotte Mathews

Hannah Maher

Caitlin Millar

Tahlia Isaac

Lily Giles


Abby Perdon

Melea McKay

Jonah Graham

Shae Crouch

Georgia Irwin

Fletcher White