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Maths is all around us!


Our Coolock students are engaging with real maths in everyday life as all students in Years 7 – 9 work on their submission for the Catherine McAuley College Maths Talent Quest this semester.

This exciting program gives students the opportunity to explore an open-ended mathematical investigation on a topic of their own choice. Projects submitted can be in the form of creative writing, a poster, a booklet, a multimedia presentation or a website.

Great ideas that our students ideas are investigating so far include the maths involved with:

  • Designing a school
  • Colonising Mars
  • Renovate my bedroom
  • Dream house
  • Dream holiday
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Best netball shoes
  • Comparing costs of dog breeds
  • Building a vegie patch
  • Creating a martial arts training space at home
  • Comparing mountain bikes – costs, size, speed, wheels
  • Making a recipe book
  • The field of Psychology
  • Film animation
  • Planning a party with a budget
  • Travel plans
  • Fishing trips
  • Investigating an AFL team and where the money goes
  • Dream libraries
  • Cafés (with menus)
  • Music playlists
  • Computer games
  • Investigating existing buildings (tallest tower in Dubai)
  • Setting up sporting facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Netball (distance covered  by different positions and graphical representation)
  • Football
  • Mountain biking
  • Dragon – scale drawing (3d pen to create 3d scaled model)
  • Ultimate overseas holiday
  • Best farming practice
  • Spread of infection disease
  • The human body
  • Running a basketball competition
  • Best tractor to buy

Mrs Karen Lichnovsky, Head of Mathematics