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Living the Eucharist today


In a recent Religious Education test, Year 10 students responded to the question “How can you live the Eucharist today?”

Below is an excellent response from Madelene Davis.

Mr Philip Jan

You can live the Eucharist today by remembering, offering, proclaiming, listening, giving praise, giving thanks, forgiving, receiving the body of Christ, being grateful and by living the Mercy Education Values.

The Mercy Education Values are Hospitality, Respect, Service, Courage, Compassion and Justice. You can live these values every day including if you want to show Hospitality, you can be kind, welcoming, generous, hospitable to one another without complaining, by identifying the ‘stranger’ in your class, school, sporting club, workplace or community and being hospitable towards them by offering them the seat next to you, showing them around, being friendly or starting a conversation with them. Hospitality is about opening one’s home and heart to those in need who need a place you belong just like Jesus sis when he was alive.

Showing Respect is another way to live the Eucharist. You can do this by listening to what people have to say, acknowledging others and being respectful towards others. You can show Service by helping out a community. Service is a Gospel value about honoring God and others. Courage is another Mercy Education Value. You can show Courage by being strong and doing what you think is right. Compassion is another Mercy Education Value.

Compassion is the thing the poor prize more than gold. The kind word, the gentle compassionate cook and the patient hearings of their sorrows. To show Justice is the last Mercy Education Value. To show Justice, you should speak as your mind directs and to act with more courage.

Madelene Davis, MY10