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Letter to Families re Stage 4 Coronavirus lockdown


The Victorian Government has directed that all Victorians follow the rules for a Stage 4 Coronavirus lockdown from Friday 12 February 2021. The following restrictions of this lockdown are applicable to all schools and offices of Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited and must be implemented by 11:59pm tonight 12 February 2021.

All schools are required now to cancel any activities, meetings, and travel planned between 11:59pm Friday 12 February 2021 and 11.59pm Wednesday 17 February, 2021.

Arrangements for any activities, meetings and travel planned after Wednesday 17th February will be pending further advice from the Victorian Government regarding the level of restrictions.

In accord with the previous lockdowns children who are vulnerable and the children of essential workers will be offered the same service on Tuesday and Wednesday at Coolock in the SAM Building.

Please understand that Monday (15th February) is designated a planning day to prepare for the following two day lockdown and Remote Learning.  On Monday students will be notified of the details associated with the Remote Learning days scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please understand that the College is closed with the exception of the Essential Services students and information for those students will also be distributed on Monday.

Our main concern continues to be the safety and wellbeing of all members of our school communities. This remains the focus of all local decisions.

Yours sincerely

Brian Turner, Principal