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Letter to Community – 5 August 2020


A very quick update on where things are situated. Today, with the support and advice of Bendigo Health, the CMC Tracing Team staff members have contacted, via phone, all the students and staff who would fit under the definition of a “close contact” with the students who tested COVID-19 positive. During that call it was advised that the Department of Health and Human Services would be sending an SMS this afternoon. The reason for this message is to reassure those families contacted that this may not eventuate given the volume of work and cases that the DHHS is presently experiencing.

If you were not called today, it means that your child/ren are not considered a “close contact”. When the DHHS tracing formally commences the whole community will be informed. This will include details outlining the plans for the Day 11 testing which will be critical.

The most important item to remember is that families need to be isolating and following the previous information sent. I can confirm that there are student family members that have tested positive today, and there is every chance that there are students who are asymptomatic, given the context of the positive cases. If you are unwell, please get tested. If you have a positive result, please notify the school at immediately.

Please remember that the College is closed until we have clearance to open. Information relating to access for Essential Services families will not be circulated until we have the necessary authorisation and approvals. Sorry for the delay but there is little we can do about it.

There have been enquiries relating to students’ availability to attend work. The College cannot provide any advice on this situation. We are under the direction of DHHS and that authorisation has not been given. What I would recommend is that individuals call the COVID hotline on 1300 651 160 for more information.

Once again thank you for your support and thanks for the positive response from the families that were contacted today.

Please stay safe and follow the instructions. We don’t want to spread the infection, nor do we want families being fined.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Brian Turner, Principal