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Letter to Community – 3 August 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Students…

Yesterday, the Victorian Government announced that, on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, regional and rural Victoria will move to Stage 3 restrictions and metropolitan Melbourne will move to Stage 4 restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

This announcement was preceded by the College’s decision, with the support of the Diocese and Mercy Education Limited, to close as a result of positive COVID results to students and College families last Wednesday and consequently through the days since.

Please understand that the College has not contacted families at this point as we have been waiting for contact from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to commence the tracing. We circulated a provisional list last week of the classes and classrooms likely impacted. Thank you to those families who had symptoms and have been tested.

For further preliminary information, the following is an additional list of classes, classrooms and a bus that could be impacted.

Bus Services

Bus 17 – Bridgewater Nth – Kangaroo Flat – Junortoun


Class Code Class Description Room
08ADE251 Yr 8 Art Design MG-02
08ENG2B3 Yr 8 English E-12
08FTE261 Yr 8 Food Technology MYG-5
08FRE231 Yr 8 French MY-44
08MAT235 Yr 8 Mathematics ST-01
08VPE2B3 Yr 8 Physical Education GYM
08VSC2B3 Yr 8 Science ST-01
08VER2B3 Yr 8 Veritas E-02

The College has been briefing various organizations and authorities who we believe might be impacted.

Once we have contact from DHHS there could be more contact made and recommendations given so this space may well change and you could be contacted by DHHS. If that is the case the sample letters attached to the last information will be followed.

These requirements apply to all schools across metropolitan Melbourne and rural and regional Victoria.

The changes to schools’ operations will come into effect from Wednesday 5 August, following a student-free day on Tuesday 4 August. This situation is forecast to apply until at least 13 September. If there are any amendments it will most likely be firmer restrictions in regional areas, following the Melbourne Stage 4 restrictions, if the situation does not improve locally and people don’t follow the mandate.  After our closure last Wednesday afternoon, we commenced remote learning today and, with the exception of those Year 12 classes that have been contacted by their teachers, tomorrow is a student-free preparation day.

As outlined in the Chief Health Officer’s advice on Friday, schools remain safe places for staff and students – but these steps are critical measures to reduce the movement of students and families across the state. There are implications for our school, and for families in our school community.

A summary of what the changes mean for schools is below.


  • Year 7 to Year 10 students will move to remote and flexible learning.
  • On-site supervision will recommence once we have all clearance from various authorities
  • On-site supervision will be available after clearance to:
    • Children whose parents cannot work from home
    • Vulnerable children
    • Any child with a disability


  • All Year 11 and 12 provision for both VCE and VCAL will move to remote and flexible learning.
  • The GAT will be rescheduled from Wednesday 9 September to Wednesday 7 October.
  • The schedule for the VCE examinations and release of results will remain as previously advised.
  • Further information about consideration of disadvantage and coronavirus (COVID-19) will be provided shortly.


  • Tuesday 4 August will be a student-free day across Victoria to enable teachers to prepare for flexible and remote learning.
  • Wednesday 5 August will be the first day of new arrangements for schools across Victoria
  • This is a day ahead of the state-wide introduction of the Stage 3 restrictions in rural and regional Victoria, but will provide for a smooth transition and will enable as much continuity of learning as possible.


  • Schools will ensure sufficient staff are available for necessary on-site supervision.
  • Staff not required for on-site supervision will work from home.


Since the College closure, the mandatory cleaning regime has commenced across both sites. This will take all of this week. For the College campuses to re-open we need clearance to enter the sites. We also need clearance on the tracing. Once we have this authorisation, the College will open for those students who qualify to attend the Coolock Campus and complete the Remote Learning Curriculum whilst on campus, as was the process last time. Once again there will be a strict process to ensure the safety of students and staff.

I will provide an update soon about arrangements for remote and flexible learning at our school. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Finally, can we please ensure that if you or anyone you know has symptoms get tested immediately and follow the directions.  Over the next six weeks there are going to be different challenges and the situation is very different with the growing number of cases locally. Please keep in touch if you have a positive test result and please remember the people who are working to support those who are impacted in our thoughts and prayers.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal