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Lenten Prayer and Reflection


Prayer for Solidarity

As we gather, we light a candle reminding us that it is God who calls us into being. Let us draw to mind that we gather in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Light of our footsteps,

May we stand in solidarity with those fighting

For a fairer, more peaceful world.

Give us generous hearts and

An openness to helping others,

Whenever we can,

May we be ever vigilant to the Gospel call

to justice and solidarity.

Lenten Reflection

How do you care for your community and your neighbour?

Reflection for the fourth week of Lent

O Lord, we ask that we be

completely transformed

into your mercy and

to be your living reflection …

Help us, O Lord,

that our eyes may be merciful,

so that we may never suspect

or judge from appearances,

but look for what is beautiful

in our neighbours’ souls

and come to their rescue.

Help us, O Lord, that our ears

may be merciful,

so that we may give heed

to our neighbours’ needs …

… Help us, O Lord, that

our tongues may be merciful,

so that we should never speak

negatively of our neighbour,

but have a word of comfort

and forgiveness for all.

Help us, O Lord, that

our hearts may be merciful

so that we may feel

all the sufferings

of our neighbour.

May your mercy, O Lord,

rest upon us.

Mercy Partners Lent Resource
Source: Being Lost … Being Found, Archdiocese of Brisbane 2016 Lenten Program
Extracts quoted from Divine Mercy Prayer Book

May you take time to reflect on the significance of the Easter season with your children.

Best wishes for the holiday period,

Mrs Trish Schofield, Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission