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Interfaith Conversations for Staff Spirituality Week


During Staff Spirituality Week, we welcomed members of the Bendigo Interfaith Council (BIC) for a conversation with staff. The group shared stories and spoke about promoting mutual understanding and inclusion. BIC shared their Statement of Intent, and the seeds of some great ideas were sown.  The College looks forward to exploring these ideas further and sharing them with the Student Representative Council and broader student community.

Interfaith dialogue is increasingly being recognised as crucial to developing cohesive communities. This session was an opportunity for dialogue with representatives from our interfaith community, with a view to understanding how CMC can support interfaith dialogue and action. The College will continue to explore how we can partner with our interfaith community to build relationships and harmony within CMC and the broader community.

Thank you to Judy Causon, Chair of the BIC, and Mons Frank Marriott who arranged the panel of representatives from the interfaith community to come to the College and we thank the following BIC members for offering their time so generously to visit CMC:

  • Judy Causon, Chair Bendigo Interfaith Council (Uniting community)
  • Sheikh Atallah (Muslim community)
  • Shivali Chatley (Hindu community)
  • Fiona Gardner (Quaker community)
  • David Kram (Jewish community)
  • Heather Marten (Anglican community)

Mr Michael Goss, Director of Faith and Mission