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Inaugural Year 11 Prefects announced for SRC 2019


In 2019 we have introduced Year 11 Prefects to the Student Representative Council.

Interested students completed a very detailed application process. Students not only completed a written application but were also interviewed by a panel.

Many thanks to all students who put their hands up to be involved in leadership and congratulations to the students who have been selected as the inaugural Year 11 Prefects for 2019.

  • Solomon Basha JR8
  • Poppy Brazill BK7
  • Charlotte Brook CH11
  • Alexandra Gibson JR7
  • Brianna Harris JR9
  • Peter Shearman MK7

Mr Matthew Smith, Pastoral Care Director – St Mary’s

Year 11 Prefects, Student Representative Council 2019

Top (l-r): Solomon Basha, Poppy Brazill, Charlotte Brook
Bottom (l-r): Alexandra Gibson, Brianna Harris, Peter Shearman