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Important Bus Information for 2019


Country Bus Travel

Families are reminded that the use of the Country Bus Network of buses is for students who are approved to use the service.  The Country Bus Network is governed by the Department of Education and strict rules apply:

  • Approved students are to only use the bus that has been allocated
  • Students are not permitted to change buses without written permission from the Regional Bus Coordinator
  • Approved travel is for travel only to and from school and not permitted for any other purpose, ie to sport

Country Bus Travel Year 9 into 10 2019

Families with students that are deemed eligible to use the Country Bus Network in 2019 have been sent an Application to Travel.

Current Year 9 travellers have been sent an application form as it is necessary due to change of location.  Students who have been identified as new travellers to the system have also been sent a form.

Students who require travel in 2019 are reminded that forms must be returned to the College Registrar before 28 September.  Late applications will be placed on a waiting list and may not be granted permission to travel.

Students in Years 8, 9, 11 and 12 in 2019 do not have to reapply for travel as permission remains in place for the duration at each campus.

Country Bus Travel Year 7 – 2019

Families with students that are deemed eligible to use the Country Bus Network in 2019 have been sent and Application to Travel.  Late applications were placed on a waiting list and there is no guarantee that permission to travel will be granted.

Urban Bus Travel Coolock – 2019

The timetable for School Bus Specials to Coolock in 2019 will be confirmed later in 2018.  Students travelling to Coolock in 2019 using the School Bus Specials are reminded that they must have a current MYKI or yearly bus pass. The procedure for obtaining a bus pass is detailed on the College Website.

Urban Bus Travel to St Mary’s – 2019

There are two School Bus Specials that travel to St Mary’s.  School Special 1 from Huntly North via Epsom, Holy Rosary Primary School, and School Special 2 from Spring Gully, via Flora Hill and Kennington. For a detailed timetable  please refer to the College Website for information.  Students travelling from other urban areas of Bendigo need to use the buses as provided by Public Transport Victoria. For details on these timetable please refer to or Christians Bus Company –

Conveyance Allowance – Urban Bus Travellers

Families who wish to apply for a Conveyance Allowance for student travel must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be attending their nearest denominational school
  • Students must reside more than 4.8km by the shortest practical route to their school or campus
  • Families must have purchased a bus pass and attach the receipt for the bus pass to the application for the allowance.

Form 3 – Conveyance Allowance Application is available on the College website.

The College will make application on behalf of families and apply the allowance against the family Fee Account if applicable.

Conveyance Allowance does not apply to travellers on the  Country Bus Network.