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Immunisation sessions for Year 10


An immunisation session for Meningococcal (ACWY – single dose) will be held at the College on Wednesday 13 July for our Year 10 students.

Parents should complete the information contained in the link below. Regardless of whether you are giving consent, withholding consent or if your child has already been immunised for Meningococcal, you will still need to use the link and click the option that applies to you.

Some helpful tips for families when booking:

  • When you open the link, the first page will allow you to view pre-immunisation information and consent/withhold consent.
  • When consenting, if you haven’t used VaxApp before, you will need to register yourself first, and then add your child as a dependent.
  • If you have used VaxApp in the past for another child, you will be able to log in and create your high school student.
  • If you have used VaxApp in the past for your high school student, both of your details will be ready when you log in – you can edit these if you need to.
  • After adding in your child’s details and selecting the immunisation they will be receiving, it will take you through the consent and a pre-immunisation checklist to complete.

Parents/carers are requested to complete the information contained at the link above. If you have any questions, please contact the College on 5445 9100.

Mr Matthew Smith, Campus Director – St Mary’s
Mrs Suzie Kemp, Acting Deputy Principal – St Mary’s