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iGEN Classes Visit Mercy Place Ballarat


Mrs Tasca’s Semester 2 iGEN classes were fortunate to be able to connect with residents at Mercy Place Ballarat. This was a new relationship for the iGEN class and we were looking forward to building this in the future.

The students and residents connected virtually through weekly Google Meets and then one class was able to visit each term. Students travelled to Ballarat in September and November. During these visits. students took a tour of Mercy Place and the residents’ homes, met their resident in person and had the opportunity to talk, play games and give gifts.

At first the students were a little disappointed when they learnt that they were connecting with the residents virtually, rather than in person, however when the Google Meets began and the students met with the same residents weekly, a strong connection grew. The students are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in this program.

The students were able to reflect on conversations and revisit important parts from weeks before. They were able to get to know their residents and these connections were strengthened when they visited.

The immense joy on both the students and residents faces when they met in person for the first time was beautiful.

The benefits for the students are immeasurable, many of which may not be realised until years down the track. We feel extremely blessed to be part of such a valuable program and look forward to seeing how it grows in the future.