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Hiking the Alpine National Park


Unit 1 Outdoor and Environmental Studies class completed a 3-day hiking trip in the Alpine National Park from the 27 February to 2 March. The first night was spent as a class where students got a feel for what was ahead of them.

In the morning, the class was divided into two walking groups. One group, travelling with Ms Cilauro and Toph, began their hike up helicopter spur. This rises 850 metres in altitude and is approximately six kilometres long, making this a very steep hike. The second group travelled with Mr Bowles and the Outdoor Education Trainee Olivia Dullard. This group climbed up Mount Howitt on the first day, which was approximately 900 metres high and thirteen kilometres in length. This challenged the students and provided a great sense of achievement. Eventually reaching Vallejo Gantner Hut and Macalister Springs. A beautiful campsite after a hard days walking!

Over the next two days the groups crossed paths on their circuit walks and experienced the magic of the alps in both the sub-alpine and alpine environments. Students explored the difference between real and perceived risk during their solo walk and rock scrambling sections of the walk. They also reflected on the motivations that encourage individuals to participate in outdoor activities. In pairs, students were required to lead a section of the walk which required accurate navigation skills and teamwork. Throughout the walk students had to record a variety of findings in their workbooks in regards to alpine cattle grazing, personal responses to outdoor environments and the role mountains play in the water cycle just to name a few.

Students had to carry all of their water, food and equipment throughout the trip and should be proud of the independence and teamwork they displayed in the bush.

The drive home consisted of musicals, One Direction, Ed Shearan and McDonalds, which was well-deserved and allowed the two groups to catch up on the trip and wind down before going home.

Ms Olivia Dullard