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Headspace Bendigo Webinars for Parents and Carers


Two parent webinars are being held on supporting young people with their mental health and well-being. These webinars are being delivered in conjunction with Headspace Bendigo. It is a very simple process to register for these webinars; just open the attached flyer and click here.

Monday 19 November at 7.00pm

Connecting and communicating with your young person (60 minutes)

This session focuses on what parents might notice with their young person and how to have a conversation about it. It looks at how parents need to be aware and notice changes in emotions, thoughts, actions and behaviours. It covers how to better connect and communicate with young people and what are some skills you can learn to improve and assist that communication.

29th November Connect and Communicate Bendigo

Monday 6 December at 7.00pm

Accessing help for my young person. Who, how and where (60 minutes)

This session is about what you can do to provide support for your young person around their mental health. We have focused on a wide range of support services that are free and accessible. We have also looked at what is available online including the use of phone apps. The hope is that this webinar will provide parents with multiple options from where they can access support for their young person.

6th December Accessing help Bendigo