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Have you entered your child’s medical details into PAM?


Complete details in the Parent Access Module (PAM)*

Thank you to those families who have already entered their child’s medical details into PAM. We ask that all other families please make this a priority.

From the beginning of 2019, all student excursion permissions will be administered via PAM. This means if student medical details aren’t entered via PAM, students will not be able to attend any excursions or offsite activities.

To enter or update details for your child’s medical information, log in to If you need any support to complete this, please contact the College.

Frequently Asked Questions

*What is PAM?

Parent Access Module (PAM) enables parent access to information about their child. It is one module of the SIMON software.

What is SIMON?

SIMON is the software the College is using for student management, learning management, school administration and parent communication.