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Excellent participation for the 2020 Swimming Carnival


What an incredible day!! One full of colour, fun, competition and amazing participation. Congratulations to ALL students who were in attendance for an absolutely fabulous Carnival; your amazing and enthusiastic participation across the day was fantastic to see and watch.

The day started with the House Chants, and as all Houses had a crack, it was the very well chorused Chant from Jaara that got them the points from our Lifeguard judges, as they combined a new tune with the old, to stun their opposition.

Fashions on the Pool Deck were the next highlight with an incredible number of students putting in enormous effort and displaying brilliant design ideas hence leading to an impressive show – Congratulations to all of the finalists, the results were as follows:

1st – MacKillop “Fairies”
2nd – Champagnat
3rd – Jaara

1st – Champagnat “Incredibles”
2nd – Vincent
3rd – Backhaus

It was then time to hit the pool for the traditional swimming events, whilst we also saw the start of the Tug-O-War Competitions and the Egg and Spoon Splash and Dash. The Best Bomb again proved to be popular with hundreds keen to show their bombing style. The Cork Scramble had the younger year levels very entertained, whilst the Jumping Sack Races definitely meant the teams with impeccable teamwork took out the points that were on offer.

The Swimming events continued across the afternoon with some great performances and the enthusiastic participation from the Year 12s saw the group swim with perfect unison. The Year 7 to 12 Boys and Girls Relay events were a highlight at the end of the Program as the Carnival concluded with some “Free Time” in the pool for all to enjoy.

With all events complete it was time to firstly announce the Year Level Champions followed by the House Champion – and those results are detailed below. Congratulations to all our winners, but if you look at how the day was, and the joy on so many faces, everyone was a winner one way or another.


  • 1st Place: Champagnat
  • 2nd Place: Jaara
  • 3rd Place: MacKillop
  • 4th Place: McAuley
  • 5th Place: Backhaus
  • 6th Place: Vincent


  • Year 7 Girls: Annabelle Smith (Vincent)
  • Year 7 Boys: Jaidi Jackson-Leahy (Jaara)
  • Year 8 Girls: Telani Bibby (Jaara)
  • Year 8 Boys: Kalan Hand (MacKillop)
  • Year 9 Girls: Maggie Burke (MacKillop)
  • Year 9 Boys: Flynn Boyd (MacKillop)
  • Year 10 Girls: Grace Reading (Champagnat)
  • Year 10 Boys: Matthew Noden (MacKillop)
  • Year 11 Girls: Piper Dunlop (Vincent)
  • Year 11 Boys: Tully Dunlop (MacKillop)
  • Year 12 Girls: Erin Smeelie (Backhaus)
  • Year 12 Boys: Patrick Crawford (McAuley)