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Great excitement on Orientation Day


Last Tuesday, 10 December, we welcomed our 2020 Year 7 students for Orientation Day. Over 270 excited students from over thirty primary schools attended and experienced a range of subjects and activities. New students in Years 8 and 9 also took the opportunity to attend an orientation session.

Students and parents gathered at the start of the day in McAuley Square to hear messages from Leadership and the Year 7 Learning Leaders, after which parents met with staff in the Library for morning tea.

Throughout the day, staff provided activities across a range of learning areas and active experiences outside during the breaks. Everyone enjoying a shared lunch before heading back to the primary schools.

We especially thank the 2019 Year 7 students who volunteered their day and were knowledgeable and hospitable guides for the new students. We also thank the primary schools’ staff for their support in making this day a success for students.

The day was a great introduction for our new students and families and we look forward to the 2020 school year.

Mr Len Watson, Pastoral Care Director – Coolock