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Great engagement from Year 10s in iGen


The Year 10 students participating in the iGen program visited Bethlehem on Thursday and Friday this week. The students led a range of activities with the residents, including “news and views” – discussing the topics of the day from the newspaper, an exercise routine, bingo, a range of board games, and interacting with the pet rabbits and a cat.

The students were very supportive of the residents, helping them with their exercises and discussing stories from their childhood. We congratulate our students for their patience, compassion and generosity in how they have engaged in this program so far. Both residents and students are learning a great deal in through this new program.

About iGen: Intergenerational Learning

Catherine McAuley College and Mercy Health Bethlehem Home for the Aged are offering a unique opportunity for Year 10 students and Bethlehem residents through an innovative, new program in 2020. Through experiential learning, iGen students will develop skills and contribute to the lives of others. They will explore a myriad of employment and study pathways through this partnership with Mercy Health, Australian Catholic University and Mercy Education.