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Year 7 2024 Enrolments close Friday 12 May 2023

Getting to know each other at Year 7 Camp


Year 7s headed off for three days at Camp Weekaway in Benloch. Getting to know fellow students and staff in their year level was the focus of the camp. Taking part in a fun range of camp activities was the ideal way to make new friends and start to feel ‘at home’ in their year level.

“At last. The world had stopped moving and the engine died down. We had arrived and we had already seen a lot of wildlife. The camp was very big and there was also a lot of bush and a dam. The adventure had begun!” (Bailey Durrant)

“For Mountain Biking, we got to ride around the camp going down and up rocky hills. Along the way we saw people doing Crate Stack and Possum Glider. There was sand on the ground which made me slide and it was really fun.” (Joseph Artavilla)

“One of my favourite activities was making the raft. It was hard to decide what to do to start it but after we got the base it got easier.” (Markus Janssen)

“Hut Building was definitely my favourite activity because we got to be very creative and design our own huts. Our hut wasn’t very waterproof and we got very wet. It was pretty big, made from heaps of big, thick sticks lent up against a log. We topped it off with some rocks at the front of our hut.” (Olivia Jeffrey)

“It was my favourite camp of all. My favourite activity was the Possum Glider. I was so scared at first but still had a go and it wasn’t bad after all – much better than what I was expecting.” (Jessica Evangelica)

“My favourite activity was Crate Stack. You had to put a crate on top of other crates and try to get up to ten crates. The only person in our group that got up to ten crates was ME. Yay!” (Nicole Foster)

“CMC Idol at night was hilarious and fantastic.” (Bailey Durrant)