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Game promotes sustainability


Year 9 Veritas – Stewardship & Sustainability

“Posters are just a bit bland.”

This was Lucas Kennedy’s first response when asked to create a poster that illustrated an aspect of the Year 9 Veritas program, Stewardship & Sustainability. Year 9s had been exploring and discussing sustainability issues across the globe.

Instead of a poster Lucas compiled a litter-throwing game in a programming app called Scratch 2. The player is invited to toss litter into a bin, with rewards for accuracy & penalties for making a mess.

Lucas is a keen Scratch user.

“I’ve been using Scratch since Prep. I like it because it’s a programming language I’m fluent in. It’s easy to use and there’s a lot you can do. Scratch 2 uses vectors so it’s better for commands like Rotate & Scale. It’s rather powerful because you can remix other people’s games (recompile and modify them) and they can remix mine.”

Follow this link to play Lucas’s game

Alistair Killick, Learning Tutor