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Leadership 2022 – 2024 and Future Direction


In 2022 Catherine McAuley College commences a new 3-year leadership cycle. At this exciting time, I am delighted to announce that the following new and continuing staff will be leading our College from 2022 – 2024:

  • Principal: Mr Brian Turner
  • Deputy Principal – Coolock: Mr Tim Edwards
  • Deputy Principal – St Mary’s: Mrs Trish Schofield
  • Business Manager: Mr James Bennett
  • Director of Learning and Teaching: Mr Matthew Angove
  • Director of Faith and Mission: Mr Michael Goss
  • Director of Campus – Coolock: Mr Len Watson
  • Director of Campus – St Mary’s: Matthew Smith
  • Executive Assistant: Mrs Sonja Cain
  • Year 7 Interdisciplinary Learning Leader: Mrs Gina Giblin
  • Year 7 Year Level Leader: Mrs Cara Pawsey
  • Year 7 Year Level Leader: Mr Lachlan Murdoch
  • Year 8 Interdisciplinary Learning Leader: Mr Kieren Prowse
  • Year 8 Year Level Leader: Ms Kristine Fellows
  • Year 8 Year Level Leader: Mr Damian Driscoll
  • Year 9 Interdisciplinary Learning Leader: Mr Dan McKee
  • Year 9 Year Level Leader: Mr Jack Timmins
  • Year 9 Year Level Leader: Mrs Jan Lake
  • Year 10 Interdisciplinary Learning Leader: Mr Kerrin Smith
  • Year 10 Year Level Leader: Ms Kate Watts
  • Year 10 Year Level Leader: Mr Colin Hogan
  • Year 11 Year Level Leader: Mrs Maria Slater
  • Year 11 Year Level Leader: Mrs Karen Lichnovsky
  • Year 12 Year Level Leader: Mrs Suzie Kemp
  • Year 12 Year Level Leader: Ms Alma Simmonds
  • VCE/Pathways Learning Leader: Ms Sarah Nagle
  • English/Humanities Learning Leader: Mr Dylan Mead
  • reGEN Learning Leader: Ms Mallory Thompson
  • Social-Emotional Learning Leader: Mrs Alana Burke
  • STEAM Learning Leader: Ms Bethany Amsing
  • Physical Education & Health Learning Leader: Mr Gerard Waterman
  • Applied Learning Leader: Ms Mary-Ann Tonini
  • Student Services Coordinator: Mrs Shann Anderson
  • Learning Diversity Leader – Coolock: Mrs Sarah Cody
  • Learning Diversity Leader – St Mary’s: Mr Kerrin Smith
  • ICT Coordinator: Mr David Mitchell

As a Mercy school we are governed by Mercy Education Ltd who have recently launched their Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025. This will be a guiding document for our direction as a College and support us in living our Mercy Values of service, courage, compassion, hospitality, respect and justice.

You can download the Mercy Education Strategic Plan below and also follow the link to our website to read about the Future Direction, Vision and Mission of Catherine McAuley College.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal