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From the Principal – 25 April 2024


This week we marked Anzac Day with liturgies at both campuses on Wednesday and student leaders attending the Anzac Day Morning Service at the Soldiers Memorial Institute on Thursday.

Anzac Day is a day when Australians and New Zealanders remember and honour those who fought and died for freedom. We gather not to glorify war but to remember those who have served our country during times of crisis and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice. Conscious that there are many men and women around the world still working for peace, we hold fast to the powerful hope that peace can exist today.

Anzac Day Prayer
Gracious and loving God, the cross of Christ is the sign of your desire for justice and peace for all.
Open our minds to your vision as we remember all who suffered through Australia and New Zealand’s involvement in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.
Grant all servicepersons who sacrificed health and life for the good of all, the gift of your deep peace.
May we who inherit the freedom for which they fought become instruments of your peace in our homes, workplaces, and world.
We ask this prayer through Christ our Lord.

Camps and Co-Curricular Offerings
Last Friday, I wrote to parents and carers about factors which are impacting structured activity outside the normal day, such as camps, production, excursions, sport, practice, rehearsals and student-led interviews. We are constantly reviewing our programs to ensure that a variety of opportunities is being provided, while maintaining our fees and offerings remain a priority. We thank our families for their support and understanding. Please click here to read the full CMCB Camps & Co-curricular Letter.

The Term 2 calendar is full of opportunities for students to represent the College, try new activities and challenge themselves. In the first week, student leaders visited Sacred Heart Kyneton for a leadership day. We also saw seventeen students competing with great success at the State Swimming Championships as excellent ambassadors for CMCB.

Student-led Conferences
A reminder that bookings open next Monday 29 April at 9am in PAM for the online Student-led Conferences on Tuesday 14 May. I urge parents and carers to take up this opportunity to meet and strengthen the partnership between students, families and the College, in the best interests of your child’s learning.

Kind regards,
Mr Brian Turner, Principal