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From the Old to the New

Students in Matthew Everton and Mathew Canterford’s Year 10 VCAL Trade class have begun a variety of personal projects as their main assessment in Term 3.

This cohort has come up with an amazing assortment of original projects using materials such as wheelie bins, red gum sleepers, old trailers, second hand car speakers, recycled timber and recycled washing machine tubs.

Will Cole and Oliver Murphy are making a handy dual-purpose stereo/esky. The re-conditioned wheelie bin features four speakers and head unit. A large esky will feature as part of the project in the top half of the wheelie bin.

Oscar Gee and Zeth Giri are in the process of building a fire pit. The boys have utilised a steel tub from a washing machine. They managed to source the tub from a family friend. They plan to fit legs and a grill to their fire pit, to aid in barbequing, as well as heating.

All students followed a design process, producing a variety of drawings, including dimensions and a cutting list to assist in ordering of required materials.

A large variety of projects also utilise timber as a source of material. Butcher blocks, hall tables, bike stands and billy carts all use recycled timber, in order to reduce cost (each student was allocated a $40 budget) and as a method of sustainable building.

Mr Matthew Everton & Mr Matthew Canterford, Teachers