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Friends Resilience


The Year 11 Ethics Team and Wellbeing members, Amanda Leonard and Mark Lees recently participated in professional development and training in the FRIENDS program designed for teens 16 plus. We are undertaking this in conjunction with the Bendigo Community Health Services Team.

The FRIENDS Resilience programs were created to:

  • Teach life skills for coping with challenging situations
  • Normalise states of emotional distress
  • Develop self-regulation and self-soothing skills
  • Promote self-confidence and empathy
  • Build positive social networks and role models
  • Identify values that will promote positive choices
  • Improve attitudes to learning and academic performance
  • Teach constructive peer relationship skills and reduce bullying

This course will be introduced to our Year 11 Ethic students as part of their pastoral studies. This key element of their studies focuses on the student, their self-management and resilience. Parents of students in Year 11 Ethics are encouraged to engage with their children, teachers or College Wellbeing team should they have any further questions or inquiries.

Mrs Kerri Bowman, Head of Religious Education