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French Mentoring  – Year 12s visit Year 7s



On Wednesday 23 May, our Year 12 French class went out to Coolock to work with the Year 7s on their speaking and writing assignments. We all enjoyed spending time with them and realising how far we have come with our level of French. It was amazing to see how talented they already were at the work. We were happy to be able to encourage them to continue with their study of languages. ​Erin Varker MK9

“We were visited by the Year 12 French class from St Mary’s. The students who came and revised with our class were Tahlia, Abbey, Erin, Mollie, Hope and Ainsley. We worked on a French skit for each to see; although it was rather repetitive at times the girls gave individual advice that was really helpful. “The girls were extraordinarily nice” said Jessica Gallagher. We, Year 7s, also read our character profiles to them. We all thought their advice was useful and it was fun to have them in class.” Audrey Turner MK2 & Amelia Simpson MK4

“The Year 7H students in French had a visit from the Year 12 students doing French and they helped us gain a better understanding of our rap song and speaking in French. They helped us with our pronunciation, acting out the French rap and the description of our people. It was so much fun and it was a very helpful lesson. We felt overwhelmed and nervous at first but after we met the six Year 12 girls, Erin, Hope, Thalia, Abbey, Ainslie and Mollie, we were very excited for them to teach us. Overall it was a very helpful and successful day and we will do very well on our speaking test.” Layla O’Shea BK1, Ella Raco JR2, Amahli Lovell MK2 & Eloise Holden CH4