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Fraynework visit inspires creativity


Visiting Fraynework in Melbourne was the prize for students who won the inaugural CMC Video Competition. Fraynework is a multimedia and design company who created the visual style for our new identity as Catherine McAuley College. The team of seven creative students thoroughly enjoyed their day.

On 21 November Jess Gallagher, Audrey Turner, Sharnie Burchell, Maddi Capuano, Grace Brown, Tyra Braur and Amelia Simpson won a video competition and as a prize got to see how the media worked by going to Fraynework.

FrayneWork creates Promotional material, is a non-profit company and is dedicated to Mercy. We had the opportunity to watch some videos about what Fraynework does, how they created our school website and got to see a digital 3D model of the new Catherine McCauley college statue that is going in the new building.

After lunch we were given a task to create our own Mercy products in pairs. Amelie and Sharnie created the Mercil case, it was a pencil case that came with a quote from a Mercy Sister. Maddi and Grace created CC (Career connect), It helped people choose a career in the Mercy industry and offers support. Audrey, Jess and Tyra created a MOM (Map of Mercy), it was a 3D map that showed where all the mercy buildings were worldwide and information about the buildings.

In the afternoon we were introduced to the Frayne Works team.  Kerrie O’James showed us how she created the Animations and her fascinating Drawings.

We all enjoyed our Melbourne experience and would love to thank the Frayne Work team, Mr. Vaughan, Olivia Dullard and CMC for sending us on such an amazing experience.

Jess Gallagher & Maddi Capuano (Year 7)