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Feral Futures


We know feral cats in the bush are a grave threat to Australia’s wildlife, but did you know pet cats are 50 times worse in our towns?

A team of Catherine McAuley College students has been investigating this. Yesterday we used multimedia and simulcast technology to make a submission to the 18th Australasian Invertebrate Pest Conference ‘Feral Futures’ programme. We propose a strong message to cat owners to contain their pets.

“Roaming pet cats kill 110 native animals around your house every year.” Sam Moloney told the conference. Imogen Shand added, “An easy way to save wildlife is by keeping our cats indoors or in a cat-run.” She showed images and videos of her cat enjoying its containment.

All team members worked well to prepare and present our submission. They also interacted with other schools in the Q&A sessions. The day went very well, and we intend to take it further, with data collection and info campaigns.

The “Feral Fighters” Team: Lillian Brown, Oliver Chittenden, Sam Moloney, Zac Mott, Imogen Shand, Riley Zanatta

Alistair Killick, Learning Tutor, Gifted & Talented Support