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Excellent Achievements at the Sandhurst Athletics Carnival


On Friday 17 May, Catherine McAuley College (CMC) sent an excited contingent of athletes to the Sandhurst Athletics Carnival which was held at the Flora Hill Athletics Track.


The team was keen to get on track and, with 158 events across the day, it was hoped they would all achieve their best.

There was great competition; all races, jumps and throws were close as competition was keenly contested amongst the participating schools. Congratulations to Eva Jan, Jorja Morrison, Logan Barker and Caitlin Evans who broke Division records on day – these are detailed with their individual results below.

First Place

Individual Events:
  • Jorja Morrison: Girls 13yr – 100m (New Division Record) 13.19; 200m (New Division Record) 28.07; Long Jump
  • Logan Barker: Boys 13yr – 100m (New Division Record) 12.62; 200m; Long Jump
  • Eva Jan: Girls 20yr – 100m (New Division Record) 13.85; 200m
  • Caitlin Evans: Girls 14yr – 400m (New Division Record) 1.07.01; 100m; 200m; 90m Hurdles; Triple Jump
  • Oliver Hannaford: Boys 13yr – 90m Hurdles; Triple Jump
  • Aimee Dean: Girls 15yr – High Jump
  • Liam Gay: Boys 15yr – 400m
  • Jackson Fletcher: Boys 16yr – Discus
  • Kenan Seeba: Boys 16yr – 100m; 400m
  • Lewis Merriman: Boys 20yr – 100m; 200m; Long Jump
  • Lachlan Perdon: Boys 20yr – 800m; 14500m; Shot Put
  • Matthew Noden: Boys 15yr – 800m
  • Hannah Maher: Girls 15yr – 800m
  • Jordan Metcalf: Boys 15yr – Shot Put
  • Jack Byrne: Boys 13yr – 400m
  • Peter Shearman: Boys 17yr – Discus
Team Events:
  • Relay 4 x 100m: Boys 13yr
  • Relay 4 x 100m: Boys 20yr

Second Place

Individual Events:
  • Solomon Basha: Boys 17yr – Javelin
  • Patrick Hannaford: Boys 14yr – 100m Hurdles
  • Harry Roberts: Boys 14yr – Triple Jump
  • Bryde O’Rourke: Girls 14yr – High Jump
  • Harrison Kelly: Boys 14yr – 800m
  • Eva Jan: Girls 20yr – Long Jump
  • Liam Gay: Boys 15yr – 200m
  • Bryce Laird: Boys 17yr – 200m
  • Oliver Hannaford: Boys 13yr – Discus
  • Lara Bish: Girls 15yr – 400m
  • Domenic Licastro: Boys 14yr – Shot Put
  • Hannah Maher: Girls 15yr – 1500m
Team Events:
  • Relay 4 x 100m: Girls 14yr
  • Relay 4 x 100m  : Girls 15yr
  • Relay 4 x 100m  : Boys 16yr

Third Place

Individual Events:
  • Lachlan Perdon: Boys Open – 3000m
  • Isabel Nihill: Girls Open – 300m
  • James Worme: Boys 16yr – 110m Hurdles
  • Liam Gay: Boys 15yr – 100m
  • Tahlia Isaac: Girls 15yr – 100m
  • Bryce Laird: Boys 17yr – 100m
  • Chelsea Furlong : Girls 17yr – 100m
  • Peter Shearman: Boys 17yr – Shot Put
  • Jack Byrne: Boys 13yr – 800m
  • Chelsea Furlong: Girls 17yr – Long Jump
  • Jackson Fletcher: Boys 16yr – Shot Put
  • Harry Roberts: Boys 14yr – 100m; Long Jump
  • Lara Bish: Girls 15yr – 200m
  • Adele Barber: Girls 14yr – Shot Put
  • Aimee Dean: Girls 15yr – Long Jump; Triple Jump
  • Bernard Nihill: Boys 14yr – 1500m
  • Bryde O’Rourke: Girls 14yr – Long Jump
Team Events:
  • Relay 4 x 100m : Girls 13yr
  • Relay 4 x 100m : Boys 14yr
  • Relay 4 x 100m : Boys 15yr

Special congratulations to Oliver Hannaford, Caitlin Evans and Lachlan Perdon who were exceptional in their individual performances; they were extremely consistent throughout the day and as a result they were named as Champions for their respective Age Groups.

Once the results were tallied CMC was ranked third in the girls division and second in the boys division. Overall, once the scores were combined CMC finished a very credible second overall. This is a great result and all of the students involved should be very proud.

Student who finished first in any event will now progress to the Loddon Mallee Finals Day, to be held in Bendigo on Thursday 10 October.

A very big thank you to Mr Stephen Evans, Miss Margaret White and Mr Joe Lloyd for officiating at the Girls High Jump event all day.

Mrs Maree Pearce, Activities Coordinator – St Mary’s

SANDHURST ATHLETICS TEAM: Adele Barber, Logan Barker, Solomon Basha, Andrew Beens, Telani Bibby, Lara Bish, Jack Byrne, Mayah Chilver, Abbey Clohesy, Emily Collins, Aimee Dean, Joshua Evans, Caitlin Evans, Kiara Field, Jackson Fletcher, Nicole Foster, Jordan Franks, Chelsea furlong, Audrey Gargulio, Liam Gay, Alexandra Goggin, Oliver Hannaford, Patrick Hannaford, Anthony Hutchinson, Jaelyn Ilsley, Tahlia Isaac, Eva Jan, Dakota Keanelly, Lila Keck, Harrison Kelly, Bella Ladd, Bryce Laird, Domenic Licastro, Hannah Maher, Phoebe Maher, Harry McKinley, Ryan Merriman, Lewis Merriman, Jordan Metcalf, Jorja Morrison, Bernard Nihill, Isabel Nihill, Varlee Nihill, Daniel Noden, Matthew Noden, Bryde O’Rourke, Lachlan Perdon, Harry Roberts, Caleb Robson, Kenan Seeba, Peter Shearman, Tobie Travaglia, Hannah Tyndall, Flynn Wade-Roberts, Marnie Wakefield, Alexander Wallace, James Worme, Harrison Wrigglesworth, Ethan Yates

AGE GROUP CHAMPIONS: Caitlin Evans, Lachlan Perdon, Oliver Hannaford


Jorja Morrison
Logan Barker
Caitlin Evans
Oliver Hannaford
Lewis Merriman
Domenic Licastro
James Worme
Hannah Maher and Bella Ladd