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Ethics studies inspire students to go above and beyond assigned learning


Ms How Kee’s Year 11 Ethics and Religious Education class have enjoyed the challenges that remote learning provided and took the opportunity to develop their self-management and organisational skills to work autonomously.

The class has been investigating ethical considerations, ethical dilemmas, the ethical decision-making process and religious perspectives in the contexts of medicine, refugees, crime and punishment and the climate and environment.

Students have been working on real-life case studies, research projects and documentaries to apply their learning to situations that they face or may face in their lifetime and to current controversial public issues facing Australians. This provides students with the ability to consider many various perspectives on social and public issues and to not judge situations and issues from a myopic viewpoint.

Additionally, this learning broadens their understanding of the complexity of issues and the decision-making processes governments and organisations may take to resolve an issue. As the term progresses, students are continuously improving their commitment to learning. They are not only completing all assigned tasks but are going above and beyond to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, through self-initiated, independent research.

The commitment to the depth of learning and high-quality work students are producing is commendable. To celebrate their achievements, they were presented with Academic Commendations when they returned to on site learning.

Ms Kay How Kee