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End-of-term liturgy and Caritas Project Compassion activities


Currently, we are in the time of Lent preparing for the great celebration of Easter. In preparation, students have spent time throughout the term learning more about the work and fundraising of Caritas Australia through its Lenten Project Compassion.

The 2022 Project Compassion theme is For All Future Generations. Each week, students have viewed Project Compassion stories from Mozambique, India, Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Solomon Islands as part of their prayer. These stories demonstrate the “powerful impact that each one of us can have for the people that will follow us in time” (from the Office for  Justice, Ecology and Peace). Caritas proclaims that, “Together, we can create lasting change”.

On Friday 8 April, we will be holding a special day of activities at the College. Students will begin the day by attending a Way of the Cross presentation and Assembly at St Mary’s. This will be the first opportunity this year for the entire College community to meet.


In the morning, Coolock students will be transported from the Coolock Campus to the St Mary’s Campus for a Liturgy and College Assembly. Following the presentation, Coolock students and staff will return to Coolock and participate in Caritas Ks – a walk that acknowledges that for millions of people around the world, walking is the only means by which food and water can be sourced on a daily basis. On return to campus, students will participate in a range of competitions and games to help raise funds for Project Compassion. Students can choose to purchase a barbeque lunch or bring their own lunch. The canteen will not be open on this day. Coolock students will be required to wear their PE uniform.

St Mary’s

St Mary’s students will attend Period 1 classes prior to attending our College Liturgy and Assembly with the Coolock students in the Marian Gymnasium, which will replace Periods 2 and 3. Following a break, students will attend Periods 4 and 5 classes. During lunchtime, students will be able to participate in Caritas fundraising activities in our ‘Caritas Carnival’, purchase a barbeque lunch or bring their own lunch. Please note that the canteen will not be open on this day, as students are encouraged to purchase a barbeque lunch with the proceeds going to Caritas.

As it is a fundraising day, we ask that students come to school with small change to purchase lunch (l$2 per item – sausages, hamburgers or veggie burgers), participate in the fundraising activities and games and help support Project Compassion.

We are looking forward to the day and in particular, coming together as a community for the first time in over two years.

Mr Michael Goss,  Director of Faith and Mission