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Easter Liturgies


The Easter season was acknowledged through a liturgy reflecting on the crucifixion of Jesus.  Mrs Kerry Turpie and the Year 9 Drama students performed a short re-enactment of the death of Jesus Christ. They were supported by Mrs Deb Ross, members of the choir and the Faith and Justice Team. Let us reflect on parts of the liturgy and the significance of the Easter story to our own lives.

The Easter season is one of joy. It is the season of new life, of rebirth and of starting again. It is a season that reminds us that we belong to something very special. We are called not to be afraid, but to celebrate the love that Jesus has for each one of us, a love that he demonstrated through his death on the cross and in his resurrection.

Just as the disciples, we too are called to be the light of Christ in our world. To lead with faith and hope. To be Christ’s hands and heart, and to work for justice and peace. May we challenge each other and work together to shine the light of mercy, compassion, courage, hospitality, service, justice, respect and faith into the world and into the hearts of everyone we meet. We remember that in our commitment to Live Mercy, Jesus is with us, always and forever, giving us the courage to be people of Mercy.

Mrs Trish Schofield, Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission