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Easter Liturgies and Caritas Day 2024


On the last day of Term 1, both campuses celebrated Holy Week with an Easter Liturgy. The liturgy was led by Fr Junray Rayna at Coolock and Fr Brian Boyle at St Mary’s. Both liturgies included a reflection on the Stations of the Cross which were performed as tableaux by students. The liturgy provided an opportunity to come together as a community to reflect on the profound implications of Jesus’ death and resurrection; inspiring gratitude, reverence and renewed commitment to living out the principles of love, compassion and justice.  After the liturgy both campuses undertook their Caritas activity and shared a barbecue lunch.

Coolock Walk for Water

At Coolock students completed the Caritas Ks – Walk for Water. This year the event took place onsite and become a house event. Students and staff walked laps of the 2-kilometre course with a bucket of water. Each member had a turn carrying their house’s bucket. The house with the most water remaining in their bucket won. Well done to Backhaus house who took out first place, followed by MacKillop, Champagnat, McAuley, Vincent and Djaara.

Mrs Cara Pawsey, Assistant Principal Faith, Mission and Community

Last day of Term 1 at Coolock Campus

St Mary’s Celebrates Easter Spirit with Community Gatherings

At St Mary’s, the spirit of Easter came alive as students gathered for a special liturgy to commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ on the final day of term. This significant event united the student body as they reflected on the core values of faith, compassion and community.

The liturgy was not just a solemn occasion but also a vibrant display of faith and commitment. College leaders from Years 10 to 12 took on the responsibility of enacting the Stations of the Cross, symbolising and reflecting upon the pivotal moments of Christ’s journey. Their portrayal of this important event within the Catholic community was both moving and inspirational.

Following the liturgy, students gathered for a barbecue lunch, not only to enjoy each other’s company but also to contribute towards Project Compassion, a charitable initiative aimed at supporting communities in need. Through their generous contributions, a total of $480 was raised, with McAuley House leading the way in fundraising efforts.

However, the day’s festivities didn’t end there. After lunch, students enjoyed music and camaraderie as they participated in the House Water Challenge. Students competed to transfer water from one bucket to another, fostering teamwork and friendly competition. MacKillop House emerged victorious, highlighting their dedication and teamwork, followed closely by Vincent and Backhaus.

The celebrations served not only as a reminder of the importance of faith and community but also as a testament to the generosity and spirit of giving within the St Mary’s community. Through their collective efforts, students demonstrated their commitment to the Mercy values of compassion and service in their daily lives, making a positive impact both within their immediate community and beyond.

Mrs Suzie Kemp, Assistant Principal Campus Leader (St Mary’s)

Last day of Term 1 at St Mary’s Campus