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Dogs Connect with Martyn Program


During Term 3, Year 7 Martyn students took part in the ‘Dogs Connect’ program, during their Body Mind Spirit classes each Tuesday.

Grant and Sonny (the labradoodle) taught the students through direct demonstrations and interaction, role modelling body language and the effect our body language can have on those around us. This was then transferred to learning about heart rate, and how our heart rate can affect our energy levels and emotions.

It was remarkable to witness the calmness that Grant and Sonny brought to the classroom, and how the students responded, with respect and interest. A key focus of the program was learning about empathy and relating to others. Grant and Sonny also taught the students how to ground themselves, to harness positivity and to present that to those around them. The class practiced breathing techniques that could be used to promote concentration and focus.

The students have been completing a journal throughout Term 3. As part of this task students reflected on what they saw, felt and wondered about each session. Grant also gave students small tasks to work on at home.

When students were asked for a one-word response to their time with Grant and Sonny, and what they had learnt, some of the responses included; fun, helpful, concentration, awareness, peaceful, awesome, love, compassion, coping mechanisms.

The Dogs Connect program has been a wonderful experience for our students to be involved in, both staff and students alike are very grateful to have been able to take part in the program. We will continue to work on many of the strategies Grant and Sonny have taught the students. We also look forward to meeting Grant’s new puppy when he comes to visit us later in the year!