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Do we shape the land or does the land shape us?


During this term the students of Year 8 have been studying Landforms and Landscapes in Veritas. As a culmination of their learning, the students were asked to research a well-known landmark or landform. Once the research had been completed, their task was to produce a model of the landform and produce a tourism brochure which featured the geographical aspects of the landform and some tourist information. The students were fabulous in the way they completed the tasks. The variety of landforms was outstanding. There were many Ulurus, Great Barrier Reefs, Katherine Gorges and some magnificent versions of the Twelve Apostles. Internationally, Mount Etna and Mount Fuji were spectacular examples of the students’ creativity.

Thank you to all the families that enjoyed the task as much as the students did. A real team effort.

Year 8 Veritas Team