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Deep Learning


Learn to Think and Think to Learn

As a team of professionals, educators at Catherine McAuley College have embarked upon a journey to re-imagine modern education. Framing our classroom practice is the philosophy of Deep Learning, a contemporary educational approach that aims to achieve two goals by nurturing young people to:

  1. Learn how to learn: so that students are equipped to assume responsibility for their own learning. Encouraging a self-awareness in each individual to know how they learn best, where their learning is going and the steps they need to take to continue to grow.
  2. Learning for transfer: enhancing the ability of students to take concepts, knowledge and skills from one specific field and applying it to unfamiliar settings, new contexts or problem-solving scenarios, just as the ‘knowledge economy’ jobs of the future will demand.

Put another way, Deep Learning is a very deliberate strategy at Catherine McAuley College to foster the life skill of intellectual agility, so that upon graduation our learners are ready to take their place in the world as self-motivated young men and women of Mercy, capable of self-regulating, reasoning and problem-solving, at the same time working and communicating effectively with others.

For more information about learning at our Coolock Campus (Years 7 – 9), St Mary’s Campus (Years 10 – 12) and our positive, safe and innovative learning environments, please download the e-brochure below.