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Da Vinci Decathlon


It was an early start on Monday 13 May for our da Vinci Decathlon team of eight willing, but slightly uncertain Year 7s, as we headed to Loreto College, Ballarat, to compete against schools from across western Victoria.

The ‘da Vinci’ is a decathlon: made up of ten separate challenges of an intellectual nature, echoing the way that Leonardo da Vinci was adept in so many areas. Our team organised itself to perform in code-breaking, science, engineering, art/poetry, drama, maths, cartography, English, ideation and general knowledge. Students get no help at all from the staff attending (who are busy marking their work).

Our team worked well for the entire long day, answering questions, problem-solving, writing a Futurist poem and building a model of a projected landscape recovery scheme, amongst other things. They were a credit to our college.

Many thanks to the students and their parents, to Ms Therese Lynch and to Mr Matthew Dudfield for his support on the day.

da Vinci team:
Alex Aurisch-McGrath, Angus Carrick, Bailey Durrant, Chance Holland, Toby Kingston-Brown, Jedd Phillips, Imogen Shand, Mitchell Zanatta

Alistair Killick, Learning Tutor